I have had gastric issues for around 10 years, doctors told me it was IBS and I tired removing foods like dairy etc from my diet. I even had investigative procedures to see why I kept getting anemic and low in B12 but they couldn’t work it out until very recently when I was diagnosed with a very rare condition called Gastro Autoimmune Disease. After a operation the hospital said that there was nothing more they can do for now. I was lacking in nutrition and desperate to feel better. That’s when I reached out to Lucy, instantly she knew I needed vitamins and minerals but needed a new way to absorb them that bypassed my stomach because of m condition. Lucy was great! She helped me make changes to my diet and helped me understand what my body needed. I am also gluten free and dairy free and Lucy knew so many tasty recipes that were easy to cook, which is usually a struggle for me. My symptoms have improved so much and she has set me on a good path for the future. I would recommend Lucy to anyone needing support in their nutritional journey.