After a very long painful 10 months of “traditional” treatment trying to establish why I was in a huge amount of pain taking more and more pain relief (culminating in an investigative operation – yes cut open!!) I decided enough was enough – my doctor had at this point said “you’ve got IBS take some pills”, without trying to establish the root cause of the issue. When I went to see Lucy I was post op so not really eating which worked really well as it meant I went along to our first session armed with my food diary and a vague idea that milk caused me an issue. I was tasked with leaving dairy out of my diet and keeping a diary of everything I ate (that alone really made me think about whether I wanted that biscuit!!).

We established I have a dairy sensitivity so I went very quickly from not being able to do anything to being able to go back to the gym, running, walking 7 – 8 miles each day and high intensity workouts. It also seemed that the dairy sensitivity was masking other symptoms so I have dramatically reduced my carb intake and as such I have a much better relationship with food – I still sometimes reach for the biscuit tin or have a sandwich but those occasions are few and far between.

I saw Lucy for around 10 months – probably about 5 or 6 times in that duration. In this time she discovered I have a dairy sensitivity; that I can’t handle carbs too well, educated me on the foods I should/should not be eating (and why) and sorted out some supplements for me to keep me in tip top shape. Lucy also gave me some fantastic recipes and ideas for meals that aren’t just salads.

Thank you Lucy for making me whole again.