I’ve been very poorly over the last 2 and half years with my digestive health, mental health and fatigue. Before I starting seeing Lucy, I visited a range of practitioners in Harley Street, London, because I assumed that I would get the best help from experts there. How wrong could I be?

Thousands of pounds later with no improvement in my health, I was getting desperate. Then I was recommended to see Lucy and I can honestly say she has been the best nutritional therapist/functional medicine practitioner I have ever worked with. Not only did Lucy pinpoint what was causing my ill health and explain it in a way that I could understand, she has also offered amazing support throughout my ongoing health journey.

I trust Lucy 100% and her knowledge knows no bounds. There is nothing about the inner workings of the body that Lucy doesn’t seem to know. Whenever I have lost faith in my health, Lucy has managed to bring me back to a positive mindset by reminding me why my personalized overall health plan is so important in my recovery. I would recommend Lucy to everyone I know.