I sought Lucy’s professional advice after years of trying every new diet, to no avail. I have always been extremely active, exercising daily and eating what I felt was a sensible, low sugar, calorie diet but unable to lose weight. After having had breast cancer and surgery and follow up treatments I’d gained a stone in weight which I could not lose. I’d resorted to the 5-2 fasting which was showing no results and making me quite miserable.

When I first went to see Lucy, having completed the food plan and health survey I was extremely impressed with her obvious detailed nutritional knowledge and the fact she looked at me as an individual and she was going to tailor my strategy to my particular needs. I was initially concerned that one of the elements of my strategy was that I needed to eat more as I was basically not taking in enough calories so my body was holding on to every calorie I ate. She also explained that my years of low fat diet and calorie counting were not providing a nutritionally balanced diet which my body needed.

I confess I went away thinking I’d come back another stone heavier when I next saw her. I initially actually found it hard to eat the advised number of calories. However, to my delight when I returned, I’d already started to lose weight which was incredible. We have since then worked on changing my attitude to food and I now have a really positive view on food and understand more of what my body needs and I no longer fixate on calories. I lost almost half a stone and feel so much happier in my clothes and in myself. The food strategy we have now is a way of life and I don’t see it as a diet at all.

I like being able to make appointments to see Lucy where she will offer advice on any areas of concerns or questions I may have, but also have had Skype meetings with her, which are helpful when time is short. I would not hesitate recommending Lucy’s bespoke nutrition service to anyone.