I’ve had on-going health issues since I was a teenager. Every year I seemed to be going to the doctors more and more but getting less and less help. I wasn’t sure what a nutritionist could do for me, but I’d heard such excellent things about Lucy that I thought it was worth a go.
From the moment I met Lucy I felt that there was hope in dealing with my IBS, constipation and undiagnosed tummy pains thanks to her friendly, empathic and competant manner. She immediately helped me strip back my diet (which is a lot easier than it sounds thanks to her support) to recognise what was affecting me, and gave me supplements to aid my health. She explained to me what food I should be eating and what I shouldn’t and why. I was amazed to find that my previously ‘healthy’ diet wasn’t all that ideal. Incredibly I started feeling better in no time at all. Lucy then initiated and oversaw me completing a couple of tests which helped diagnose me with gluten intolerance and low immunity. I’ve since cut out gluten and my digestion – for the first time in over 25 years – is working. I feel like I have a new lease of life – and that is completely thanks to Lucy.