Lucy Patterson

Preconception Support

Having worked for Foresight Preconception care as their lead practitioner for 4 years I have a wealth of experience in pre conceptual care. Getting the body into the best health it can be, and uncovering any obstacles that might prevent successful conception is key. I encourage both men and women to get involved in this journey together, after all it takes a healthy sperm as well as a health egg to make a baby.

Laboratory testing can be a useful way of determining nutritional and hormonal status which can provide valuable information for more targeted support. These services are available if we feel they are the right choice for your journey and needs, which we can discuss during your initial health package.


I worked with Lucy via Foresight before they sadly closed. Whilst we initially used Hair Mineral Analysis which identified some key mineral deficiencies; selenium, magnesium and zinc it also turned out I had a gut flora imbalance and low levels of certain hormones. Over a period of several months Lucy expertly guided me towards the easiest ways to correct these.

This was quite a lifestyle change to what I was used to, but Lucy tried to make it as simple and easy as possible to follow. I was initially terrified she would make me give up all the food I loved, but I was pleased to hear her refreshing approach to nutrition and we managed to incorporate some healthy treats to keep me going. I am delighted to say we welcomed our beautiful baby daughter into the world a year later and I couldn't thank her enough for helping us achieve our dream.

R.G. Oxford 2016