Lucy Patterson

Hormone Support

Feeling out of sorts? Hormones really do work in harmony and when one gets unbalanced it can knock out many more. Fatigue, stress, PMS, periods that make you want to cry, really low or variable mood swings, and weight changes are common symptoms I see in clients I work with. Hypothyroidism affects a considerable amount of the population, as does ‘burn out’ and HPA dysregulation (more commonly termed adrenal dysfunction), and women suffering with symptoms of PMS and menopause. It needn’t always be like this, you can support your body to work with you and not against you.


After years of feeling tired and exhausted (and the doctor dismissing the huge effect that this had on my life) an acquaintance recommended Lucy. After my very first appointment I felt supported, and full of optimism for the future. Finally someone was taking me seriously.

After doing a core blood test, my vitamin D and B12 levels were extremely low. So with Lucy's professional advice and recommended supplements, I started on a new diet regime.

After a couple of months I started to feel better and now, 5 months on, i'm a new women full of energy and zest for life. Thank you for everything Lucy!

T.C. North Somerset 2017