Lucy Patterson

Nutritional Therapy in Bristol

My Philosophy

I am passionate about helping people to find a sustainable way of eating, that helps them feel their best. There is so much misinformation out there, it can be completely confusing and overwhelming to know where to start sometimes. With over 6 years clinical experience, my aim is to help you to identify your goals and to work with you whilst you achieve them with my professional support.

Whilst I am well versed in various dietary 'plans' I do not believe one size fits all when it comes to nutrition and prefer to help you identify a way of eating that helps YOU to feel YOUR best, even if it means breaking all these so called 'rules'. I spend more time taking people OFF restrictive diets than putting them on them, and want you to know that feeling healthy and satisfied with what you eat, is absolutely achievable!

Get ready to try something different, welcome to personalised nutrition!


Areas of Special Interest

Digestive Health
Hormone Harmony
Find your
best weight


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